Meet the Staff

  • Paul Mcvety

    senior pastor



    College degrees in Ministry and Agriculture (essential for shepherding flocks)


    Wife – Kim

    Sons – Liam, Jude and Asher

    Exotic Pets – the three listed under “Sons”

    I still can’t look at the words “Senior Pastor” next to my name without laughing. This could only be God’s doing! To my surprise and delight, God brought me to Chapel Hill Church to be their pastor and I couldn’t be happier with what He’s done. From Vancouver, Canada (where I grew up) to Haiti (where I served as an agricultural missionary and met my wife) to Minnesota (college), to Senegal, West Africa (where we served for five years), and now back to Minnesota. What a journey! And God used all that to prepare me to serve this church.

    I love God, my perfect Father. I love my wife Kim. I love my boys Liam, Jude and Asher. I love this church and what God is doing here. It’s a community where we’re growing in our relationships with Him. He’s teaching us how to truly love each other and be His family. And He’s showing us what He has created us to do. We actually get to be a part of God’s mission in this world, from our neighborhoods to places around the world!

    Come and see what God is doing here. We’ll do everything we can to show you who God is, to demonstrate His love for you, and to discover with you the mission He’s created us for.

  • Jamie Buchanan

    Student and Family Ministry Pastor



    University of Northwestern, degrees in Youth Ministry and Christian Education


    Wife – Pam

    Children: Wyatt and Paisley

    I grew up in a small town in Maine. Yes, I like lobster and Moxie. In high school, I was privileged to have a pastor who poured time into me and encouraged me to pursue youth ministry – a job I didn’t know existed since churches where I lived were so small they only had one pastor. God brought me to Minnesota to study at UNW where I met my wife, Pam. We have two amazing kids. I have had the privilege to serve as a Youth Pastor, Children’s Pastor, Associate Church Planter, and Associate Pastor in several different churches, both rural and urban. I am passionate about encouraging students, their parents, and youth leaders to pursue God and authenticity in their relationships, and I love developing leaders!  

  • Laurie Oliver Boyd

    Children and Family Ministry Director



    Husband - Ron     

    Children – Tristan and his wife Charlotte

                       Mackenzie and her husband Beto


    Early life for me was all about family. In my home three generations lived under one roof and worked together toward a common goal. But soon the time came for me to leave our small dairy farm in rural Wisconsin to experience life in the big city and so I arrived in St. Paul to begin the journey of higher education at Bethel College (now university). In four short years I obtained a degree and a husband and headed out on international short term missions. After returning from that whirlwind first year of marriage my husband Ron and I settled into jobs and figuring out what God had for us. My husband became an elementary school teacher and I eventually became a homeschooling mom to our three wonderful kids. 

    Family has always been very important to me and through the years of raising my own children God has given me a passion to equip the families of Chapel Hill as they learn and grow together. I love learning and I love kids. Nothing is better than sitting in a room full of kids and teaching them in ways that honors each of them as individuals. 

    Here at Chapel Hill your kids will learn how they fit into God’s big story and parents will be equipped and encouraged to disciple their children along the way. 

  • Sarah Stejskal

    Children's and family ministry assistant


    My passion for children and my passion for Christ make my job fun and rewarding. I couldn't imagine working anywhere else than here at CHC. I'm a trained professional in the are of kissing injuries, making dinner and helping with homework at the same time, turning frowns to smiles and of course all projects requiring glue. In other words I am know as mom, wife and child of God. 

    I enjoy dates with my husband Clay, and laughing uncontrollably with our kids, Haley, Thane, Noah, Ava and Elle. In the rare moments I have to myself I love to read, shop and knock things off my 'bucket list'.

  • Kim klayum

    Church Administrator



    Husband – Mark

    Children – Megan and husband Brian

                      Rachel and husband Jacob

    Chapel Hill has been our church home since 1997 when we moved from the Chicago area to Eagan. Over the years, we have been involved in many ministries. We both enjoy teaching bible studies, although we don’t do it often enough. I worked at Chapel Hill years ago and am now (October, 2015) returning to work here with great excitement and enthusiasm.  

    My husband Mark and I have been together since 1992. We have two beautiful daughters who both love the Lord. Both our daughters recently married and moved away so we are now embracing the empty nest and searching for God’s plan for this next stage of our lives. We strive to seek God first in all our decisions and trust Him alone to lead us on that path.

  • julie ericson

    Finance and Facilities Administrator


    I’m sure you grew up hoping to be a church administrator, right? Well, it wasn’t my plan but God. But, when my children were old enough that they didn’t need my constant attention, God took my inclinations toward administration and helping people and my training in marketing & management (and accounting and communication and facilities care-oops, not much training in that last one but it’s what I do) and helped me to grow into the Church Administrator role at Chapel Hill.

    Northern Minnesota born, I’ve gradually moved south via Duluth, Eagan and now to our lovely twinhome in eastern Lakeville (in the area where no one believes you live in Lakeville because your zip code says otherwise!). We’re looking forward to the warmer climate and having someone else do the shoveling! 

    Chapel Hill has been our church family since 1991. I love that we are encouraged to read the Bible, live according to the Bible, and give and receive grace when we don’t. Besides working at the church, my husband Marty and I lead a Small Group and coordinate the STAGES group for those of us who are empty-nesters. We enjoying eating out, traveling, biking, walking in the woods and around lakes, and cross-country skiing.    

    If you are looking for a community to grow in, please stop by and see if Chapel Hill is a good fit for you.