Global Outreach Partners


We are passionate about finding opportunities for Chapel Hill Church to serve Christ and spread the gospel, reaching the global community, whether here (i.e. refugees) or around the world (missionaries and mission trips). We provide the opportunity to participate in these experiences through financial, spiritual and emotional support.


It is our goal that every attendee at Chapel Hill Church would feel personally connected to our

missionaries and global ministries and would discover God’s purpose for their

lives while embracing the responsibility to reach out to others with the gospel.

  • "To all the world..."

    Chapel Hill Church is passionate about global missions and supports the following missionaries...

  • Haiti Teen Challange

    Haiti Teen Challenge breaks strongholds through a foundation of Jesus using intensive spiritual discipleship, mentoring, counseling, education and prayer at their center in Haiti.

    “Building Godly leaders of integrity, so they can rebuild their nation” is their philosophy.

    For generations, outside governments and thousands of organizations have tried and failed to heal the nation of Haiti. (There is urgency because 65% of Haitians are under age 25.)

    Haiti Teen Challenge is working to repair the mistakes of the past, by confronting the fatherlessness in Haiti and creating leaders that rely on Christ to renew their families, communities and nation.  We are committed to bringing restoration to Haiti through Haitians. 

    Our call is to mentor and spur growth in young men and women through transformation in their relationship with God.  HTC students are equipped and mobilized to serve.


  • Hamilton

    Brett and Michelle Hamilton

    Send International

    Poland & Czech Republic

    Brett and Michelle have been serving in Poland since 1995. “The first 15 years we were privileged to be involved in seeing the Lord establish New Hope Fellowship (a Baptist Church) in the city of Wroclaw. A few years ago we turned the fellowship over to Polish leadership.”   

    Brett serves on the leadership team, preaches, and mentors men for the International Church of Wroclaw (INCW) (a church plant). This year, we saw the church grow from 25 to 50 in average attendance and there was good progress in making disciples.

    Michelle serves as the SEND Area Women’s Representative mentoring and counseling young missionaries. She also serves on the worship and women’s ministry teams at INCW.

    Family: The Hamiltons have four children:  Brandon (wife Lexi) was recently married, Brittany (husband Seth) and family are fully supported and serving in Canada, Heather and husband recently started a new business, Shannon (husband Conner) is slowly returning to heath from Lyme's disease issues and completing her undergrad degree.


  • Hipp

    Gary and Merri Lee Hipp

    Discipling for Development, A ministry of The Navigators

    Africa, Southeast Asia and Bulgaria

    In 1979, Merri Lee’s father Richard Patterson founded Mission: Moving Mountains because no other mission group he sought to partner with would embrace a ministry that integrated medicine and discipleship. “We were sent out as their first full time missionaries in 1986. With our daughter Carissa (3) and son Samuel (almost 1), we led a team of three families to Uganda, East Africa. Here we worked for a decade pioneering a ministry approach we call Discipling for Development (D4D): a community based development approach integrated with evangelism and discipleship.

    Since merging with The Navigators in 2007, we have expanded D4D ministry from five countries in Africa to twelve. We have also expanded into four countries in SE Asia (Philippines and three others), two cities in the USA (Atlanta and Colorado Springs) and in 2016, Bulgaria in Eastern Europe (working among the Roma people – Gypsies). Our work as Directors of Discipling for Development and as International Mentors is an exciting God-given stewardship of grace.

    Our two children are married and we have two granddaughters. We are blessed to partner with our Chapel Hill home church in advancing the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into more and more nations. Thank you for your partnership!”

  • Pierce

    David and Jodi Pierce

    Steiger International


    David and Jodi are the founders of Steiger and are responsible for the overall vision and direction of our mission.  We are board members, on the international ministry leadership team, and mentors to our young leaders around the world.   

    In the past year, lives were transformed in some of the most unreached parts of secular Europe, Russia, Ukraine and parts of the Muslim world. Our work in Beirut, Lebanon continues to reach those who have lost faith in Islam and are hungry to know the truth. Two young Syrian refugees found Jesus at our concert in Dresden.  

    Despite the opposition we faced, we were able to preach the Gospel to thousands in 11 countries. We recorded 1510 public decisions to receive Jesus after the concerts.  We also had 850 attend the follow up meetings that began in 14 different cities in the Russian speaking world.

    Our missionary training school in Krogis, Germany was attended by potential missionaries from all over the world. 

    This year brings speaking engagements around the world, preparations for the No Longer Music Tour, and leading the mission school in Germany.


  • Pierce

    Aaron and Jen Pierce

    Steiger International


    2016 was another eventful year for us personally and in ministry. We welcomed our son, Hudson, into the world in January. We now have 3 kids (Asher - 4, Selah - 2 and  Hudson - 1).  

    In 2017, our prayer is to continue to grow our mission to reach and disciple the Global Youth Culture for Jesus. Our key initiatives include: 

    • An evangelistic tour in Europe, Russia and parts of the Middle East
    • Expanding our Come&Live! ministry, which exists to provoke and inspire artists to revolutionize the world for Jesus
    • Training young missionaries at the Steiger Missions School
    • A discipleship and follow up initiative to support Steiger’s front-line evangelism around the world
    • We will be releasing the Globalized Middle East Youth documentary in the spring. We believe that this is going to be a powerful tool for reaching people for Jesus in the Middle East! 


  • Pierce

    Ben and Courtney Pierce

    Steiger International


    2016 was an incredible year and included ministry in 11 different countries, over 30 speaking engagements, 60 evangelistic concerts, and 40,000+ people hearing the Gospel! None of this would have been possible without your faithful partnership! 

    The biggest change in our lives was the birth of our son, Macklin. He has been an incredible gift from God. Raising him is stretching us and giving us more joy than we could imagine!

    2017 involves planning the summer NLM tour and organizing Provoke & Inspire seminars all over the world. The purpose of these events is to encourage Christian artists to share the Gospel outside of the church by using their artistic gifts. We are also working to create tools for discipling those who give their lives to Jesus at our events. 

    Thanks for partnering with us to reach the lost for Jesus! 


  • Meeker

    Steve and Jenny Meeker

    Send International


    What a blessing 2016 was for us as we watched God provide!

    You have been a part of that story as you prayed and supported our family through this journey. Jonathan is doing really well in college in Knin, Croatia. Joseph is succeeding at Black Forest Academy in Germany and Noah and Daniel are making great progress in this school year. 

    We have been encouraged to step back into ministries through the DPB House and in the community where God has called us. One of those ministries is Leadership Lab International (LLI).

    In 2017, LLI will focus on ways to help young leaders ages 18 - 26 and those who mentor these young leaders.

    Contact us if you would like to receive the quarterly LLI newsletter.

    Serving together with their children: Jonathan, Joseph, Noah, and Daniel