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MEN'S BIBLE STUDY "The Blessed Life, That No One Really Wants."

Beginning Sunday, September 11

6:30 - 8:30pm in Room 114

Men's/book Bible study hosted by our own Ken Mulsoff. It's easy to receive an easy message, one we want to hear, one that allows us to settle back in our comfortable seats. But occasionally we hear a message that shakes us up, a message that challenges our comfortable thinking. Author Troy Dobbs, Senior Pastor at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, confronts the wildly popular prosperity gospel, that God promises health and wealth, which has gained a foothold in the world today. He unpacks the profound message from Jesus that will make you think and rethink, and maybe even change your mind about what a blessed life really means. The Blessed Life, that no one really wants, unpacks a timeless message that is as relevant today as when it was first spoken on a mountain over 2000 years ago. For more information, contact Ken Mulsoff at


Saturday, December 17 at 7:30am at Ze's Diner in Eagan.

Join together with other men from Chapel Hill for breakfast on the third Saturday of any month.  Hang out, eat and get to know each other better!  Contact Craig Dorn to save a seat.



Developing a better relationship with God, your family, and a few other men is the focus of the Men's Ministry program at Chapel Hill. As the spiritual life of the dad and husband goes, so goes the spiritual life of the family. Activities provided for the men of Chapel Hill encourage, challenge, and support men in a continual development of their faith. This is accomplished through an annual retreat, small groups, and the Spring Sizzle Steak Feed as well as through less formal activities like biking, softball, golfing, camping, and big screen sporting events.