coVID-19 Updates

May 2021 Update

We have reached an important milestone in the battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. Our country has reached a point where we can begin to alleviate some of the burdens that COVID-19 has placed on all of us.   We are updating our pandemic safety protocols in keeping with state mandates, as well as CDC and OSHA guidance. Here's what you need to know: 

  • Fully vaccinated individuals will no longer need to wear face masks beginning May 14.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals will no longer need to socially distance beginning May 28.
  • Unvaccinated individuals age 5 and up are strongly recommended to continue wearing face masks and socially distancing.

FAQ's on the Fall 2020 Plan

What was the process for making these decisions regarding our fall plans?

These decisions are not made lightly. Much prayer and consideration went into (and continues to go into) our plans for this fall. Staff and Elders continue to review guidelines, take into consideration local data, and monitor the situation. The reality is that churches in our own area have been sources of local transmission. Chapel Hill Church values growing in Christ, living in love, and impacting the world. Our vision of moving this generation from culture to Kingdom has clarified how our church is to be positioned in our community. We are to display the infinite beauty of the cross-shaped love manifest in the Kingdom of God. Now, more than ever, our culture needs to see King Jesus in the words and deeds of His followers and His church.

Why is CHC taking a political stance?

Chapel Hill is not making a political statement. This was never the intent.

I believe in “Faith not Fear”, why is CHC responding out of fear?

We understand how these actions could be perceived as fearful however, this decision is based upon seeking the Kingdom first. We want to show our community that the Kingdom is others oriented and self-sacrificing.

I have more questions about this.

Great! We’d love to chat. Please reach out to the elder via email.  See a list of our elders here.

Once the weather no longer allows us to meet outside, how do we stay connected as a church?

While we do plan to continue to gather outdoors for as long as the weather cooperates we’re all well aware that this is Minnesota and it does eventually get too cold to meet outside (although Pastor Paul is Canadian, so perhaps not?).

We strongly encourage you to continue to connect with others at CHC through our home groups ministry. If you’re not yet connected with a group, please contact Home Groups.

We also encourage you to gather in small groups to view our services and connect with your fellow believers. We see this as an opportunity to also connect with those around us who don’t know Christ - perhaps invite neighbors or friends who don’t yet know Christ to join you! We will also continue to offer connection points through various ministries and encourage you to participate.

Church needs to meet in the building.

We love to gather and are blessed with a place that God has provided for us that allows us to do that. However, the church is not a building. The early New Testament church gathered in homes, was bonded together by their common faith and efforts to love those around them in their everyday lives. It wasn’t about a service on Sunday, it was about their daily walk with Him.

Let’s be clear. We will meet again in our church building. It may not be this week, but we will gather again inside the building that God has blessed us with. That said, let’s not allow ourselves to be overly focused on a building. Instead, let’s continue to gather in the ways that we can, while following Christ’s call to love our neighbors and put others above ourselves.

Are masks required at outdoor services?

Although we recommend the use of masks as a way to help limit potential transmission and out of caution for those who are more at risk, we are not currently requiring masks to be worn at our outdoor services. We would ask that you consider wearing them when distancing is not practical (while arriving/leaving) and while interacting with others at a closer distance.

I can’t wear a mask. What should I do?

If you cannot wear a mask, we understand. You are still welcome here at CHC. We ask that you please try to maintain a safe distance for everyone's safety.

Are masks required for events to be held indoors at CHC?

Per the mandate currently in place in Minnesota, masks are required when in the CHC building. If you have a medical condition that does not allow you to wear a mask, please try to maintain a safe distance for everyone’s safety.

What if I don’t want to wear a mask?

Honestly, we don’t think anyone really enjoys wearing a mask. We get it - they can be uncomfortable, they fog up your glasses (anyone have a good recommendation for coatings that actually work?), and it makes communication more challenging. At this time we choose compassion and will follow the state mandate to require the use of masks indoors unless a medical condition does not allow you to wear one.

Are small groups permitted to meet?

Of course - and we encourage you to lean into small groups during this time! First, if you’re not currently part of a small group, please reach out to Home Groups. Also, please see the guidelines for small group meetings above.

Will online services always be available?

Yes! One of the positives of COVID-19 is that it accelerated our move to livestream. We are excited that no matter what the circumstance, we will be able to offer an online option for viewing our weekly services. Currently our livestream is available on Facebook and YouTube

We know that “life happens” and if you can’t make the livestream, services are also available for replay on those same platforms and on the Sermons page of this website.

I want to continue to pray for CHC - what can I be praying for?

Thank you for praying for your church! We always appreciate it, but even more so during these times! Our ongoing prayer is that our church will be known as compassionate and loving. Pray with us for unity and understanding. Pray for an end to this pandemic. Pray that God transforms us as a church during this time. And pray that our decisions will bless our community in ways that fulfill the vision God has given us as a church.

How can I serve CHC and the community around me during this time?

  • Opportunities to serve are promoted in our weekly eNews sent out each Thursday. If you do not receive the eNews, you can request to be added to the email here.
  • You can let us know how you would like to serve by filling out this Volunteer Survey.
  • You can also watch for opportunities on this website, on Facebook, and on Instagram.