March 1 - Pray for the vision of CHC to be fulfilled:  to move this generation from culture to Kingdom

March 2 - Pray for the mission of CHC to be carried out: to guide people into a flourishing, contagious relationship with Jesus Christ

March 3 - Pray for the CHC staff: for wisdom, guidance, strength and encouragement

March 4 - Pray for the CHC elders: for direction, wisdom, courage and perseverance

March 5 - Pray for our Sunday morning services

March 6 - Pray for our Sunday morning kids’ programs

March 7 - Pray for the Wednesday evening clubs, meal and youth gatherings

March 8 - Pray for our Worship Team

March 9 - Pray for our Tech Team

March 10 - Pray for our Children’s Ministry volunteers

March 11 - Pray for our Youth Ministry volunteers

March 12 - Pray for our Global Outreach partners

March 13 - Pray for our Local Outreach efforts

March 14 - Pray for the impact we have in our neighborhoods and workplaces

March 15 - Pray for our Men’s and Women’s ministries

March 16 - Pray for our Home Groups

March 17 - Pray for the Children’s Praise ‘N’ Rainbows Parents Day Out program

March 18 - Pray for God’s provision for the financial needs of CHC

March 19 - Pray for God’s protection over the ministry and people of CHC

March 20 - Pray for our volunteer greeters, ushers, coffee ministry and communion ministries

March 21 - Pray for the Adventure Game Community

March 22 - Pray for our Finance Team

March 23 - Pray for our Prayer Team

March 24 - Pray for the effectiveness of our website and social media platforms

March 25 - Pray for Converge North Central, the affiliation of churches CHC belongs to

March 26 - Pray for unity to increase at CHC

March 27 - Pray for God to bring new people to CHC

March 28 - Pray that God shows you His will for you at CHC

March 29 - Pray for your own growth through CHC

March 30 - Pray for five CHC people by name

March 31 - Praise God for providing CHC for you